Customer Challenge

A large ready-to-eat cereal/snack manufacturer needed to replace two existing belt conveyors to reduce product breakage and tailings on the floor. These belts move finished crackers to packaging.

Triple/S Solution

Triple/S designed the Slipsticks inclined to accommodate existing feed and take-away conveyors. The Slipstick is known for its gentle conveying with no product breakage, dust generation or segregation. Other benefits of the Slipstick over belt conveyors include:

  • Simple one-piece seamless conveyor pan for ease of cleaning
  • Long conveyor pan lengths to minimize the number of drives required
  • Long life, low maintenance drive assembly provides low cost of ownership over the life of the conveyor
  • Low profile Slipstick vertical shaft belt drive requires less head room and weighs significantly less than a standard Slipstick gear drive
  • Slipsticks are equipped with Eco-Slide air operated gates to feed multiple discharge locations.

Triple/S and the Customer

This customer bought some of the first Slipsticks sold into the food industry in the early 1980’s. Over the years, they have purchased more than 400 conveyors with twenty-five over one hundred feet long.