Wellness Pet Company

Customer Challenge

Drag conveyors are very hard to clean which increases downtime for product changeovers.

Triple/S Solution

Triple/S made some excellent lasting impressions on first time attendees at this year’s Pet Food Forum. The unique nature of our Slipstick technology was an attention grabber at Pet Food Forum in Kansas City this year. One of the key features that stands out is the ability to reverse the motion of Our loop system with our sister company, Hapman, attracted attention from none other than Wellness Pet Food.

Wellness has been shopping around for a conveyor that best fits dog food conveying. One main issue found in typical drag conveyors is that the cleaning process is tedious and inconvenient. When you’re conveying over a ton of kibble per hour, it is crucial to not lose time in the process. The pans welded at Triple/S are seamless to make cleaning a breeze. Not only are they easily cleaned, but highly customizable to fit any environment.

Today, our pets are our family. We feed them only the best food processed in the safest methods. That’s why Wellness chose Triple/S for their most effective and cleanest conveying needs. Our new conveyor will be shipped in early 2024. Check back in February for updated photos and videos of our latest installation.

Triple/S Advantage:

  • Slipstick conveyor pans are seamless for ease of cleaning.
  • Slipsticks do not have base frames like traditional vibratory conveyors allowing them to be installed closer together for side-by-side applications.
  • Conveyors share a common drive support structure.