A breakthrough was achieved in the early 1970’s when Triple/S Dynamics engineered a completely new drive that delivered the same slow-advance/quick-return motion of the earlier drives, but with the added benefit of mechanical simplicity and inertial balance. The Slipstick Horizontal Motion Conveyor was born.

For fifty years, the Slipstick Conveyor has been the most impactful product manufactured by Triple/S Dynamics conveying more bulk products than any other horizontal motion conveyor on the planet.

Traditional Pitch-Action Style Vibrating Conveyors

Triple/S Dynamics offers a complete line of traditional pitch-action style vibrating conveyors for light or extreme duty applications. Vibratory conveyors use an angular pitch along with a controlled throw distance from the neutral rest position to propel product forward in the conveyor trough. The pitch of this action as well as the throw distance can be designed to suit a variety of applications.