Old Dutch Foods

Old Dutch Foods is home to many household favorite snacks and chips. Happy’s Potato Chips are one of those favorites. Old Dutch is no stranger to Triple/S. We have been working with them since their first Slipstick purchase in 1995. The same slipstick remains in operation to this day. The delicate nature of the chips and popcorn coupled with the minimal space to convey the product fit right into the Triple/S wheelhouse.

Customer Challenge

Achieve 10 to 15 minutes of accumulation in limited space.

Triple/S Solution

T/SD designed a custom Slipstick Accumulator with a 28” wide x 18” deep x 32’ long conveyor pan providing approximately 100 cubic feet of storage volume.

Triple/S Advantage

T/SD has over 25 years of experience providing horizontal motion accumulation conveyors for snack food and other applications.

Customer: Old Dutch Foods, Inc.

Timeline: Purchased 1st horizontal motion conveyor in 1995 and still in operation.

T/SD Serial Number: HDC-2022-10

End User / Location: Happy’s Potato Chip Company, St. Anthony, MN