Triple/S OEM Parts & Service

With over one hundred years of equipment experience, our Parts and Service Department is here to help! We provide replacement parts for all of our equipment lines. OEM manufactured parts are always recommended for your equipment.

We offer service on all Triple/S Dynamics equipment in the field, no matter how long it has been performing.


Triple/S has full time field service technicians. With backgrounds in engineering and manufacturing, our techs can quickly analyze and diagnose your equipment issues. And, if you are a FEC X-Force Conveyor owner, we have an engineer from FEC on board as one of our field techs.

Triple/S Dynamics Slipstick Conveyor

Drive Rebuilds

With so many Slipstick drives in the field, we suggest to all of our Slipstick owners with multiple units to have a spare drive on hand. If you don’t, and you lose a critical drive, your entire line could be in jeopardy. Triple/S Dynamics does not stock Slipstick drives. There are so many different combinations of width, size, length and mounted positions, it is not feasible to stock these drives.

If your drives are 10, 15 or 20 years old, consider shipping the drive to our facility in Texas for inspection. We have a checklist/teardown list and will provide you with a detailed cost to rebuild your unit, which could save as much as 40% of the cost of a new drive.

Triple/S Dynamics Slipstick Conveyor

Equipment Modifications

Slipstick Conveyors are some of the most versatile conveyors in any industry. They can be lengthened, shortened, gates added, or drives moved. Obviously, each case is different and will require our inspection and engineering departments to review. That being said, we have modified hundreds of units.

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