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The Conveyor Price Puzzle – with a Little ROI on the Side

PDFDownload Article Horizontal motion conveyors replaced horizontal bucket elevators and reduced maintenance costs for a food manufacturer. We are guilty of it.…
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Genius In Action – How Gravity Separators Work (Part II)

Dry separation equipment first appeared over a century ago when Edwin Steele and Henry Sutton invented the Specific-Gravity Separator. Dry separation equipment…
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Genius In Action – How Gravity Separators Work (Part I)

While most engineers in the dry process industry know what a gravity separator does, precisely describing how it works can be difficult. While most engineers in…
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Considering Total Cost Of Ownership For Capital Equipment

The ongoing costs after you’ve written the check for that piece of capital equipment are just as important as the purchase price. They’re everywhere — in…
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Dry Separations For The Processing Industry

DRY SEPARATION BY FLUIDIZATION Any complex dry granular mixture, in a fluidized bed, can be separated into component fractions on the basis of one of three…
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The Vibrating Conveyor For Incinerator Ash For Handling Systems

This paper describes the application of vibrating conveyors to the handling of ash from mass-burn incinerators. The characteristics of two different kinds of…
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Transporting Hard-to-handle Materials With A Horizontal-motion Conveyor

Jay Sullivan Triple/S Dynamics Finding equipment that can smoothly and efficiently move a fragile, easily agglomerated, dusty, or light-density dry bulk…
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Answers To 12 Common Questions About Horizontal-motion Conveyors

A horizontal-motion conveyor can smoothly and efficiently move a huge variety of materials, such as polymers, hot potash, borax crystals, potato chips, and…
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Maintaining Your Process Efficiency With Accumulating Equipment

Tim Talberg Triple/S Dynamics Accumulating equipment can eliminate production slowdowns and improve process efficiency by temporarily storing dry bulk material…
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Hopkinsville Elevator Gets Double Shot From Texas Shaker Vibrating Screen

Most people don’t think about clean corn when they pour a cocktail. But that is not the case at Hopkinsville Elevator in Hopkinsville, KY, where employees are…
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