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Separating Chopped Wire

A large metals recycler needed replacement density separators for one of its processing lines. Triple/S proposed Pace T-20 separators for this...

Gravity Separators | Misc. Industries

Scalping Corn

This cooperative had hoped to replace its 35-year-old, 30,000-bushel-per-hour (bph) grain cleaning system, but other urgent customer-facing...

Texas Shaker Screeners | Agriculture

Scalping Barley

A major beer brewing company needed to scalp off oversized foreign material picked up in the field during harvest and remove sand at the same...

Texas Shaker Screeners | Agriculture

Conveying Scrap Steel

A premiere producer of hot rolled coiled bands of steel was restarting a facility and needed a final conveyor in an Electric Arc Furnace charging...

Slipstick Industrial | Foundry

Conveying Phenolic Flakes

This producer had a long-standing problem with dust generated from his existing screw conveyor. Capacity 9,000 PPH; bulk density 40 lbs/cu. ft;...

Slipstick Industrial | Chemical

Conveying Pet Treats

A major pet food manufacturer wanted to replace belt conveyors that feed four packaging lines. These belts were a sanitation headache for the...

Slipstick Sanitary | Food

Conveying Meat Crumbles

A food service company needed to convey meat crumbles to the freezing and packaging equipment in their processing plant. Triple/S engineers...

Slipstick Sanitary | Food

Conveying Dusty Ceramic Parts

A ceramic parts producer has a dust problem. The dust generated from a cutting process was causing bearings on the existing belt conveyor to fail...

Slipstick Industrial | Misc. Industries

Conveying Ash in a Confined Space

A world leader in providing sustainable waste and energy solutions, whose Waste-To-Energy (WTE) facilities using waste to generate clean,...

Slipstick Industrial | Misc. Industries

Conveying Incinerator Ash

A waste-to-energy producer contacted us to help them solve their conveying problems. First, they needed to convey material over 200 feet. Second...

Slipstick Industrial | Misc. Industries

Conveying Almonds

A large almond huller in California needed to remove sticks and rocks from field-run almonds that are brought into the huller by truck from the...

Slipstick Industrial | Food

Conveying and Accumulating Snack Crackers

A major food manufacturer had an existing conveying system designed and installed in 1997. The plant was being updated and redesigned for more...

Slipstick Sanitary | Food

Conveying Crackers with Little or No Product Loss

A large ready-to-eat cereal/snack manufacturer needed to replace two existing belt conveyors to reduce product breakage and tailings on the...

Slipstick Sanitary | Food

Cleaning Dry Shelled Corn

Most people don’t think about clean corn when they pour a cocktail. But that is not the case at Hopkinsville Elevator in Hopkinsville, KY,...

Texas Shaker Screeners | Food

Conveying Pretzels without Product Breakage

First Rate Industries is a family-owned, full service millwright company specializing in the feed, grain, and pet food facilities as well as...

Slipstick Sanitary | Food

Density Separation of Mineral Perlite

A leading manufacturer of mineral based specialties needed refinement of Perlite after the heating stage of furnace. The Gravity Separator...

Gravity Separators | Minerals / Mining

Conveying Aluminum and Plastic Chops

One of North America’s largest processors and distributors of scrap and secondary metals needed to divide aluminum and plastic chops into three...

Vibratory Conveyors | Misc. Industries

Conveying and Screening Carbon Black

A recycling technology company needed to recover carbon black from recycled tires. The company needed to screen overs (+3/16”) and fines (-60...

Vibratory Conveyors | Minerals / Mining
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