Screening Alfalfa Cubes With Texas Shaker

Customer Challenge

Halverson is an agricultural company based out of Salt Lake City specializing in milling, grain handling and industrial projects. The customer was looking to expand their alfalfa cube production. The most suitable solution to fit their needs included an increase of screening capacity. With harvest season quickly approaching, the biggest concern was being able to add on to their current line in a short amount of time. With the help of Triple/S, the company added a second production line just in time for harvest season.

Triple/S Solution

A Texas Shaker with 2 parallel decks (5ft wide by 10ft long) was provided to screen 30 tons of alfalfa cubes per hour.

Triple/S Advantage

The capability to provide a screen within 14 weeks allowed the customer to be up and running by harvest season.

End User: Standlee – Eden, Idaho

Consulting Engineer: Halverson Company – Salt Lake City, Utah