Drive Rebuild Program for Horizontal Motion Conveyors

Based on its unique design that features a self-contained drive unit that has no outbound moving parts, the horizontal motion conveyor is virtually maintenance-free. And based on its relatively slow rotational speed, a typical drive unit will usually deliver more than ten years of life between service intervals, with only periodic lubrication required.

A 12- year – old drive arrives in our Dallas shop for inspection and possible rebuild.

There are Slipstick drives that have been in operation since 1980’s. The simple, robust design of the Slipstick drive provides years of trouble-free service with periodic lubrication being the only routine maintenance requirement.

The drive rebuild program can provide longer life without having to purchase a completely new unit. The typical sequence of inspected items once a drive is sent to our shop for inspection and/or rebuild: bearings, seals, sight glass, breather, belts, gears, weight stack hardware, visible oil/grease leaks, level in x and y. and inspection of the shafts.

The Slipstick drive can typically handle modifications to the original conveyor design without any changes; however, if needed, the drive weight stack can easily be increased in size.

The long run investment in a larger heavy-duty horizontal motion conveyor outweighs those for a lighter-weight horizontal motion conveyor with a smaller drive size, if a pan length extension is a potential. Smaller drive sizes would not have been capable of handling the pan length increases required for this future application and the purchasing of a new drive or a completely new conveyor would have probably been necessary if a longer length is needed.

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