About Triple/S Dynamics

Posted on December 6th, 2016 by vapro


What began in 1888 as Sutton, Steele and Steele became Triple/S Dynamics in 1968. Throughout its long history, our engineers believe that achievement was just a means to greater accomplishments. This foundation of experience leads us to the future – for new applications, new designs and innovative concepts for the processing industries through research, development, engineering expertise and quality manufacturing. It has long been a company of firsts.


The key to success for our company has long been the ability to turn customers’ needs into solutions. It sounds cliché but when the customer speaks, we listen. Our sales, engineering and field service teams are our eyes and ears in the field, bringing customer input to the rest of the organization. Our collaborations with our customers have produced breakthrough concepts down to simple tool-less fixes.


We believe in our relationships with our employees. We believe our employees are Triple/S Dynamics. We are fortunate to have an incredible group of employees – many have been with Triple/S for 10, 20, 30 or more years. Our employees are our most important asset. We have a long list of customers. A very long list that some would say is what being in business for 130 years brings. While that may be true, if you drill down into that list, you will find that Fortune 500’s that have bought from us for decades. Or that thirty percent of our current customers have bought year after year going back decades. One customer has purchased at least one machine every year except one since 1987. Relationships matter. We believe in earning the trust of our best customers by delivering the quality machine that does exactly what they need it to do. Perform 24/7/365.

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