All-New Production Line for Recycling Communication Wire

Customer Challenge

Salt Lake City, Utah is home to Utah Metal Works (UMW), a powerhouse in industrial recycling. Utah Metal Works is owned and operated by the Lewon family. Since 1955, they have been committed to sustainability through scrap recycling. Triple/S has been an integral part in their process for over 40 years. The most recent installation of Triple/S equipment is set to surpass their previous production flow considerably.

Triple/S Solution

The recent installation at UMW’s Everett home base is an all-new production line for recycling communication wire. Once the wires are stripped, the internal components (aluminum, copper, and rubber insulation) can be separated and repurposed. Triple/S Dynamics completed the engineering package including the full layout of the equipment, electrical schematics, and sizing and layout of the dust collection system. In addition, Triple/S Dynamics manufactured and provided a 5ft x 12ft hi speed screen, (2) T-20 Gravity Separators, (2) S-22 Stoners, a Dual Bin Feeder, and multi-lane vibratory conveyors. Triple/s also provided a dust collection system manufactured by Campcorp Inc., bucket elevators manufactured by Universal, screw conveyors manufactured by KWS, and inclined belt conveyors manufactured by Enduraveyor.

Triple/S began working with UMW in 1982. Our workmanship has stood the test of time as the original equipment for this line is still in production today. The purpose of the original design was to separate copper and aluminum products. With the new addition, the previous installation will focus solely on copper while the most recent installation will focus on aluminum wire. The goal is to run upward of 12,000 pounds per hour. This is yet another example of how our team of engineers closely analyzes a company’s needs in order to come up with a tailored solution specific to each application.