Scalping Barley with Vibrating Screen

Scalping Barley

Raw Video from Screening Test in T/SD Applications Lab


Scalping Barley at 20,000 BPH

A major beer brewing company needed to scalp off oversized foreign material picked up in the field during harvest and remove sand at the same time.

T/SD Solution

T/SD recommended a 6’ x 10’ 8-deck Texas Shaker vibrating screen. The recommended screen would contain 4 pairs of scalping and cleaning decks. The scalping decks would be covered in ½” C.O. (clear opening) square wire screen cloth to remove the oversize. The cleaning decks would be covered in 3/32″ x ¾” slot (rectangular) wire screen cloth to remove the sand.

The Texas Shaker is fully enclosed, dust-tight and vibrates with a straight-line, horizontal motion with 1″ stroke at 475 RPM. This gentle action is best for efficient screening. The screen is equipped with the Pendulin™ suspension for high-efficiency vibration isolation, and a gear-coupled parallel-shaft vibrating module with oil reservoirs and splash lubricated bearings.

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