Customer Challenge

A leading manufacturer of mineral based specialties needed refinement of Perlite after the heating stage of furnace. The Gravity Separator removes the more dense particles that have not expanded in the furnace.

Triple/S Solution

Proven design for handling minerals and making fine distinctions of density. Independent control and adjustment of:

  • Slope in two different planes
  • Operating frequency
  • Fluidizing air pressure
  • Air pressure distribution

Options include:

  • Eccentric total stroke lengths short or long
  • Porosity and texture of material contact deck surface
  • High temperature design for the 200 °C temperatures as wells as sanitary handling of product
  • Silencer on blower inlet, possibly between filter and blower, pressure drop under 1”

Triple/S and the Customer

This worldwide processor has purchased over 25 units from Triple/S Dynamics.