Conveying Pinto and Navy Beans

Customer Challenge

A family owned company in the canned beans industry, contacted Triple/S Dynamics to replace a pan section in their original Slipstick Horizontal Motion Conveyor purchased in 2005. The original conveyor pan dimensions were 30”W x 12”D x 71’-8”L, constructed of 304 stainless steel, and included suspension rods and mild steel mounting brackets for direct mounting to the floor. After 15 years in operation, running 24/7 with capacity rates of 95,000 pounds per hour and the abrasiveness of the beans, our customer needed to replace a partial section of the existing pan.

Triple/S Solution

Triple/S Dynamics designed a replacement pan section measuring 30” W x 12” D x 59’-3 1/2 ”L to be bolted to the existing drive assembly and floor supports which minimized field welding and installation time.

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