Customer Challenge

A major food manufacturer had an existing conveying system designed and installed in 1997. The plant was being updated and redesigned for more capacity.

Triple/S Solution

T/SD engineers were involved with the plant on site and recommended a layout that including 11 new conveyors in the first phase and 4 more in the second phase. These food grade conveyors must be engineered and manufactured to the highest food grade standards including using 304-2B stainless steel and all surfaces cleaned, bright, and free of weld spatter, marks, burrs, scratches and sharp edges. All welds will be continuous and ground smooth to 150 grit finish, T/SD Class IV weld finish.

Triple/S and the Customer

When asked recently to speak to a prospective new customer of T/SD about the maintenance and downtime with the Slipstick conveyors, this customer replied “I don’t know much about maintenance or downtime… probably because we really don’t have any.”