Gravity Separators

Triple/S Dynamics Density Separators are equipped with a porous deck, which is inclined and subjected to vibration which causes material in contact with the deck surface to convey up the inclined surface of the deck. Low-pressure air is forced through the deck to fluidize the dry mixture so that the lighter materials are lifted from the deck surface and allowed to float down the inclination of the deck. The final result, presented at the discharge face of the deck, is a continuous, graduated progression from the least to most dense, smallest to largest, and least to most aerodynamic.

Equipped with an integral supply air blower, slide-out deck panel and optional exhaust, these machines offer superior gravity separation performance in a simplified and rugged design.

In some cases, test separations are the only practical means for predicting gravity separator performance. Triple/S Dynamics maintains a fully equipped density separations lab where screening may also be included with trial separations to best determine what equipment will optimize your process.