Slipstick Horizontal Motion Conveyor

The Slipstick® Horizontal Motion Conveyor is recognized for its gentle, non-impact conveying motion and enviable record of low maintenance, high reliability and performance. Maintaining food safety and quality is the primary benefit of using the Slipstick in processing applications. Unlike conventional vibrating conveyors that use a vertical pitching motion to propel material with repeated impacts which can cause the food to break or stick, the Slipstick's single-drive mechanism provides a unique horizontal differential motion that glides the product down the pan, eliminating breakage problems for fragile foods such as chips, cookies, or cereal.

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Variety of Configurations

Additional benefits include:

  • Retention of seasonings, coatings and breadings
  • Prevention of oily fines build-up
  • Simple construction for ease of cleaning
  • Elimination of food product segregation
  • Long-term reliable performance; minimal downtime

Built in lengths from 4 ft. to more than 200 ft., the Slipstick horizontal motion conveyor offers a variable rate of product delivery depending upon the application, and is adjustable to suit most any requirement. The Slipstick can be suspended from overhead to maximize the use of valuable floor space or built with floor-mounted pedestals. Because it is dynamically self-balancing, no counterweights or heavy isolation bases are necessary. The drive module is mounted at either end or above or below the conveyor’s pan section.

Pan options for the Slipstick horizontal motion conveyor include multiple channels, pneumatically actuated discharge gates, and removable covers. Sealed tube sections provide added product protection and allow for CIP. The Slipstick can also be configured to align, singulate, divide, dry, or cool product as it flows through the conveyor.

Ease of Cleaning and Maintenance

The Slipstick horizontal motion conveyor consists of a one-piece formed trough (or pan) section with suspension points spaced periodically along the conveyor pan length. This allows both the interior and exterior surfaces of the conveyor pan to be easily accessed for wipe down cleaning. Cleaning under the conveyor is easier because typically there are no support frames or springs. The gliding of the product along the seamless one-piece formed conveyor pan discourages build-up of materials on the surface and typically scours the pan clean so there's less time required between production cycles for cleaning. The Slipstick is designed for a long, trouble-free service life. Mechanically, it is based on a minimum of moving parts, with the fully enclosed drive mechanism consisting only of bearing-mounted, gear-coupled shafts. Durability is ensured through dedication to solid construction throughout.

Efficient Transportation of Food Products

For maximum control and efficiency in transporting products, Triple/S Dynamics comprehensive distribution systems offer a flexible, sanitary solution. Food processors and packagers will benefit from Triple/S’ wealth of experience in engineering and building such systems, each custom assembled according to a special layout to accommodate the specific plant and process. Triple/S designs offer gentle conveying with minimum product degradation, cross contamination, and fast, efficient start-up.

Triple/S Dynamics offers full turn-key conveying systems which enable us to provide your company with a single-source supplier for any material handling need. When coupled with your preferred vendors, we can supply a complete package that integrates our material handling equipment with other processing or packaging equipment.


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