Mechanical Conveyors

Triple/S Dynamics has a history of engineering innovation, and the mechanical conveyors we manufacture are no exception. From the first horizontal motion conveyor test unit in the early 1940's to the Slipstick® Horizontal Motion Conveyor introduced to the food industry in 1982, from the smallest footprint to over 200' long, Triple/S has been at the forefront in designing new ways to convey.

The Slipstick differential motion conveyor, also known as horizontal motion conveyor, induces a slow-advance/quick-return action. The key to differential motion conveying is the sliding action of the conveyor upon the inertia of the conveyed material. During the slow advance of the conveyor’s cycle, material is at a relative rest on the conveying surface. The quick return segment of the conveyors cycle gently slides the conveying surface under the material bed, akin to pulling a tablecloth out from under a table setting. Continually repeating this cycle serves to smoothly convey the material up to forty feet per minute along the length of the conveying surface. This unique action gives differential motion conveyors the ability to convey all types of product from polymers to potato chips, hot potash to hot dogs, quicklime to cookies, breakfast cereal to borax crystals, or salt to scrap steel.