Customer Challenge

A large metals recycler needed replacement density separators for one of its processing lines.

Triple/S Solution

Triple/S proposed Pace T-20 separators for this line. Proven design for handling minerals and making fine distinctions of density.

Independent control and adjustment of:

  • Slope adjustable in two different planes
  • Operating frequency
  • Fluidizing air pressure
  • Air pressure distribution
  • Infinitely adjustable output selectors for fine tuning of the discharged material.

This offers a spectrum of density ranging from Heavy to Light. Generally, 3 outputs are taken, Heavy, Light and a Middling that offers the opportunity for more processing to better classify the size and/or shape and eventual classification as Heavy or Light. Optional features include:

  • Eccentric total stroke lengths, short or long
  • Porosity and texture of material contact deck surface
  • Electronic control of operating frequency and airflow

Triple/S and the Customer

This customer has over sixty-five pieces of Triple/S equipment.