Scalping Corn

Customer Challenge

This cooperative had hoped to replace its 35-year-old, 30,000-bushel-per-hour (bph) grain cleaning system, but other urgent customer-facing projects were prioritized over a new grain cleaning system for nearly five years.

  • The cooperative’s old system had to be removed from a small, confined space 120 feet in the air between two concrete silos.
  • The new system, with double the capacity, had to fit in this same space.
  • Since the Union Pacific railroad runs so close to the south side of the facility, where the cleaner sits, the system had to be elevated with a crane from the north side of the silos, which restricted the view of the crane operator.
  • Cleaning systems this large typically consist of two cleaners rather than one large cleaner, but there wasn’t room for two.

Triple/S Solution

Triple/S Dynamics engineered its largest Texas Shaker® vibratory grain cleaner yet, a system that scalps corn at 60,000 bph or 3,000,000 pounds per hour! This machine was big. 8’ wide decks by 10’ long, stacked 10 decks high. Over nineteen feet high!

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