Conveying Powder Detergent

Customer Challenge

An existing customer who is focused on providing beauty; grooming; health care; fabric and home care, and baby, feminine and family care, contacted Triple/S Dynamics. Due to capacity expansion needs driven by increasing product demand in the powder detergent market, they were looking to add an additional Slipstick Horizontal Motion Conveyor to go along with the dozens already in operation on-site. Installation floor space was a premium, and the elevated 70 foot conveyor needed to provide ample clearance underneath the pan. The Slipstick drive unit needed to be located and configured in such a way that their maintenance staff could have access to other overhead equipment. Additionally, the detergent had a tendency to adhere to carbon and stainless steel which would in turn retard or inhibit flow.

Triple/S Solution

After consultation with the client’s engineers, Triple/S Dynamics’ Industrial Product team designed the Slipstick Horizontal Motion Conveyor with a 18” wide UHMW lined stainless steel pan, complete with latched gasket covers running the full length and multiple access ports.

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