Customer Challenge

A large almond huller in California needed to remove sticks and rocks from field-run almonds that are brought into the huller by truck from the fields.

Triple/S Solution

Triple/S Dynamics’ engineers designed a Slipstick Conveyor with a grizzly bar section off the end that separates the trash (sticks and rocks) from the whole almonds, going into the processing plant.

The Slipstick Conveyor has been used as a receiving conveyor for almonds and other nuts for over 20 years. Known for its gentle product handling, the Slipstick provides many advantages for the processor. Key to the almond processor is equipment that is reliable, as the season is short, breakdowns cause major problems. The Slipstick has an enviable record of long life, low maintenance drive assembly provides low cost of ownership over the life of the conveyor.

Triple/S and the Customer

This customer becomes the 12th major nut processor to use the Slipstick Conveyor.