Customer Challenge

This producer had a long-standing problem with dust generated from his existing screw conveyor. Capacity 9,000 PPH; bulk density 40 lbs/cu. ft; customer noted material is wet, sticky, compacting, hygroscopic and likely to adhere to conveying surface.

Triple/S Solution

Triple/S designed a Slipstick conveyor suspended high in the ceiling with three outlets. The horizontal motion of the Slipstick conveyor does not produce dust while it moves the product. This unit is equipped with stainless steel covers with gaskets, bolted on both sides with an 8 in. inlet with natural rubber boot included. Access hatches were included near two pivot gates. The pivot gates use UHMW seals, spring loaded for a tight fit. Simple actuation is by pneumatic cylinders to open and close the gate. Flexible boots are used to keep the material contained.

Triple/S and the Customer

After a few months of operation, the customer reported “the dust issue has been reduced by over 50% with the Slipstick” – and called it “a touchdown with a 2 pt. conversion”.