Customer Challenge

A world leader in providing sustainable waste and energy solutions, whose Waste-To-Energy (WTE) facilities using waste to generate clean, renewable energy, needed a conveyor to fit into a confined space in a very crowded processing plant.

Triple/S Solution

Triple/S’ Slipstick Conveyor with customized pan configuration with multiple drive location options allows best fit into a densely packed processing system. The Slipstick can be controlled at variable speed operation to provide optimized efficiency of downstream processes. The Slipstick’s rugged 4 shaft eccentric drive system produces non-harmonic slow forward-quick return differential motion on the horizontal plane only. The horizontal motion of the Slipstick reduces pan wear of the abrasive and corrosive material. And from a maintenance standpoint, this conveyor is a non-tuned operation without springs and suspension rods rarely need maintenance on a yearly basis.

Triple/S and the Customer

This customer has used Slipstick Conveyors in its waste processing plants since 1987.