Slipstick Conveyor Solves Maintenance and Dust Control Problems

Slipstick Conveyor Solves Maintenance and Dust Control Problems - Case Study

Triple/S Dynamics’ Slipstick Conveyor has become the conveyor of choice for one of the world’s leading industrial minerals producers. In their high-capacity plants, dust control and downtime carry significant costs. Further, the company is concerned with maintaining a clean working environment within the plants.

To meet the demands of this application, Triple/S Dynamics has designed and built a number of conveyors with BHN 400 abrasion resistant conveying troughs, fully enclosed with integral dust covers, and powered with Slipstick Horizontal Differential Drive modules.

In one application, handling abrasive construction sand, the conveyor showed a maximum wear of only 0.025 inches and an average of just 0.010 inches after 14 months of operation. Dust emissions are gone with the sealed conveyor system, and the only maintenance required is periodic lubrication.

Without any moving parts inside the conveyor, or in contact with the product flow, the Slipstick does not require the maintenance attention required by many other types of mechanical conveyor.

The company is currently anticipating the delivery of two additional Slipstick Conveyors for installation later this year.

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