Slipstick Horizontal Motion Conveyors for Industrial Applications

The Slipstick® Horizontal Motion Conveyor is recognized for its non-impact conveying motion and enviable record of low maintenance, high reliability performance. The slow forward-quick return motion is independent of natural frequency, springs and tuning.

Highly effective for conveying bulk granulated, heavy or powdered products, the Slipstick’s gentle horizontal, slow-advance, quick-return motion practically eliminates dusting and spillage. Offered with a wide range of configurations including sealed stainless steel tubes with dust tight connections. The Slipstick horizontal motion conveyor can also have wide flat conveying surfaces with heavy abrasion resistant plate as well as other configurations similar to our sanitary model.




Variety of Configurations

Built in lengths from 4 ft. to more than 200 ft., the Slipstick horizontal motion conveyor offers a variable rate of product delivery depending upon the application, and can be adjusted to suit most any requirement. The Slipstick can be suspended from overhead to maximize the use of valuable floorspace or built with floor-mounted pedestals. Because it is dynamically self-balancing, no counterweights or heavy isolation bases are necessary. The drive module can be mounted at either end or above/below the conveyor’s pan section. The simple pan with no relative moving parts can be very compact. This allows fitting into tight elevation and width restrictions.

The Slipstick horizontal motion conveyor can also be constructed in a tubular form. Able to move material along up to a rate of 35 to 40 ft. per minute, the Slipstick Tube Conveyor uses the same gentle slow-advance/quick return motion of the conventional Slipstick to convey materials, coupled with a tightly sealed tubular transport section. Because the Slipstick Tube Conveyor employs a differential drive and moves materials without moving parts, it is both durable and low maintenance. Its tight seal ensures a clean, dust-free environment, and the absence of exposed conveyor parts makes this system one of the safest available.

With an excellent service history in harsh operating environments, the Slipstick Tube Conveyor has proven to be a highly effective, cost efficient conveying solution minimizing expensive downtime required for maintenance.

The Slipstick Tube Conveyor can be equipped with discharge gates, inlet and outlet seals, access ports, and available lengths of up to 200 ft. and capacities of over 200 tons per hour.

Ease of Maintenance

The Slipstick horizontal motion conveyor is designed for long, trouble-free service life. Mechanically, it’s based on a minimum of moving parts, with the fully enclosed drive mechanism consisting only of bearing-mounted, gear-coupled shafts. Durability is ensured through our dedication to solid construction throughout.

Additional Benefits Include:

  • Improved reliability with fewer moving parts in a variety of pan shapes and sizes
  • No springs or tuning required on surging or impact loads
  • Sealed dust contained system
  • Low abrasion on conveyor or damage to fragile pellets, prills and briquettes
  • Distribution options with multiple gated outlets
  • Metered and reverse feed rates are optional

Unlike conventional vibrating conveyors, screws or drags, that use a vertical pitching motion to propel material with repeated impacts which can cause product breakdown, the Slipstick horizontal motion conveyor employs a single-drive mechanism to move the product. This mechanism provides a unique horizontal differential motion which glides the product down the pan. The consistent conveying motion throughout the length, width, and depth of the product bed reduces wear and potential component maintenance. And because it is not dependent on impact to provide motion, the Slipstick conveys deep product beds uniformly, with no stratification. Unevenly loaded, choke fed, large heavy objects are moved without concern of imbalance or drive damage.