Drive Rebuild for 14 Year Old Drive

Customer Challenge

An existing Triple/S Dynamics customer who is a steel fabricator mill, producing steel long products, including rebar, angles, channels, flats, rounds, squares, post, wire rod and other special sections, contacted us due to drive failure for a 14 year old drive unit originally designed and manufactured in 2007 for use in a steel scrap furnace. The original 24 heavy under mount drive was configured to receive, convey, and preheat steel scrap at a rate of 75 tons per hour. The drive unit was returned by the customer to our facility for complete tear down and inspection.

Triple/S Solution

Triple/S Dynamics scheduled an inspection and the analysis determined the shaft and gear exhibited failure modes that were consistent with fatigue. The drive functions in a harsh environment (transporting scrap metal into an electric arc furnace) with heavy loads, abrasive debris, high tempatures and long periods of continous operations and had seen increased runtime due to increased production.

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