Scalping Whole Corn

Scalping Corn
Scalping Corn
Scalping Corn


Scalping whole corn at 60,000 BPH in one machine.
(over 3,000,000 pounds per hour!)

A cooperative in Iowa had a 35 year-old screening system that could not meet the capacities they needed. Several obstacles stood in the way of this being an easy replacement. The cooperative’s old system had to be removed from a small, confined space 120 feet in the air between two concrete silos. The new system, with double the capacity, had to fit in this same space. Since the Union Pacific railroad runs so close to the south side of the facility, where the cleaner sits, the system had to be elevated with a crane from the north side of the silos, which restricted the view of the crane operator. Meeting a 60,000 BPH capacity would require two large vibrating screens, but sitting atop the silos, there wasn’t room.

T/SD Solution

T/SD engineered the largest Texas Shaker® vibratory screen we’ve ever built, a 55,000-lb. system that scalps corn at 60,000 BPH. This machine was big. 8’ wide decks by 10’ long, stacked 10 decks high.

Installation was tricky but successful. The cooperative reports that “they can’t feed it fast enough”. They can easily fill 100 train cars in 10 hours!

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