Sutton Granulators



Triple/S radial-knife granulators are the performance leaders in granulating insulated copper, aluminum wire, cable, as well as chopping a variety of other non-ferrous materials including transformer windings, aluminum extrusions and copper aluminum radiators.

Designed and built for non-ferrous applications with a focus on producing close tolerance knife gaps, this precision provides straighter cut fine wire that is key to the separation efficiency gains.

Built for precision cutting, durability, and reliability, Triple/S radial knife granulators offer heavy-duty construction, greater weight, and higher capacity in continuous-duty operations. All Triple/S models feature a competitive edge: longer rotors with large cutting circles, thereby increasing the grate area and ultimately improving efficiency. Each model features knives which are designed with an optimum rake angle on the cutting edge to resist chipping and nicking, retaining a sharp edge longer under severe service. Triple/S granulators use fewer knives than competitive granulators, spanning the full cutting length, thereby reducing the time complication of knife changing or re-gapping.

Many Triple/S radial knife granulators have been in service for decades and still are going strong. The Triple/S Sutton Granulator is the standard by which all others are measured.