Infographic: Tco—belt Conveyors Vs. Horizontal Motion Conveyors

TCO-Belt Conveyors vs. Horizontal Motion Conveyors

When considering capital equipment purchases, end-users often fall into the trap of focusing narrowly on the purchase price. This a particularly hazardous misstep when it comes to investing in conveyors for industrial process applications. Total cost of ownership is a better measure than purchase price when considering the ultimate return on investment for conveyor systems.

The following infographic compares the total cost of ownership (TCO) for a 100-foot Belt Conveyor along with that of a 100-foot Horizontal Motion Conveyor. TCO factors include the cost of the equipment itself, shipping and install costs, and the cost of maintenance over 10 years. Notice the significant cost difference when all of these factors are considered. These estimated values are based on an existing customer who reported maintenance expenses (parts, labor, downtime) of nearly $600K over a five year period on his existing conveyor system, then extrapolated out to a ten-year comparison. The customer replaced his existing system with horizontal motion conveyors.

Infographic: TCO-Belt Conveyors vs. Horizontal Motion Conveyors

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