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Triple/S Dynamics has just released “Screening Theory and Practice." This 54-page technical paper written by James F. Sullivan, former President and Chairman of Triple/S Dynamics, distills his 55 years of experience in the design, development, manufacture and sale of bulk granular material handling and classifying equipment. Mr. Sullivan discusses the principles underlying the performance, design and application of mechanical equipment for particle separation by screening. Mr. Sullivan holds a BME with distinction from the University of Minnesota, 1947. He is a member of Tau Beta Pi, honorary engineering fraternity and is currently President of Professional Engineering Services, Inc.

The Table of Contents for “Screening Theory and Practice” is below.

Screening Theory is available for free download. Just fill out the Registration Form below and a confirmation email will be sent to you instantly with a link attached.

Table of Contents

  1. Theory of Screening
  2. Factors Affecting Screen Performance
    • Material Factors
      • Size and Shape
      • Density
      • Moisture
      • Size Distribution
    • Machine Factors
      • The Screening Media
      • Motion
      • Motion In The Horizontal Plane (Shaking Screens)
      • Motion In The Vertical Plane (Vibrating Screens)
  3. The Screenability Characteristic
  4. Estimating Screen Capacity
    • Coarse Screening Method
      • Electric Heat
      • Wet Screening
    • Fine Screening Method
      • Electric Heat
      • Wet Screening
    • Rescreening And Discontinuous Size Distributions
  5. Fractional Efficiency
  6. Vibration Transmission
    • Spring Suspensions
    • Cable Suspensions
    • Vibration In Steel-Framed Industrial Structures
  7. Mechanical Design
    • Drive Mechanisms
    • Structures
  8. Installation Planning
    • Structure
    • Clearances, Platforms and Catwalks
    • Feed to the Screen
    • Flexible Connections
    • Dust Control
  9. Preventive Maintenance
    • Structure
    • Vibrating Mechanisms
    • Screening Media

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