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What is scalping?
It is the separation of part of the total feed as course oversize by retention on openings (round, square, or slotted) more than half again as large in diameter or width as the largest particle in the undersize.

What is screening?
Screening means removing part of the total feeds as a fine fraction passing through the screen openings.

What is sizing?
Separating a particulate material into three or more fractions. If two screens are used, the sized fraction passes through the coarser screen and is retained on the finer screen. The oversize and undersize fractions are not sized unless the top size of the former or bottom size of the latter has been limited by previous screening.

Are all vibrating screens alike?
No. The only thing in common for all the various types of vibrating screens is that they move with some kind of regular motion, either reciprocating or circular.

What type of mesh screen is preferred for precision screening?
Square mesh screens maintain their specified opening dimension more accurately than slotted.

What is the best screen for my abrasive product?
Flat-top screens last longer than the standard double-crimp style.

When do I need to use a Grizzly?
Use a Grizzly when width, not length, is the criteria for oversize retention.

What is screen blinding?
When the openings of a screen are closed, either by plastering with damp sticky material or by wedging of on-size particles in the opening.

What is the most effective protection against blinding?
Electric heat.